The GroundUP Music Festival was designed to be different.  Instead of going for the normal festival headliners, we have featured a diverse array of largely underrecognized, deep artists from all over the world. In lieu of pursuing growth, we have promised to keep the festival intimate with a limited capacity and focused on making it as inspiring, not as big, as it can be. 

This year is our five-year anniversary, so instead of trying to adapt our annual Miami Beach gathering to the ever-changing pandemic restrictions, we have decided to create a unique, bespoke experience that fits perfectly into the world and moment in which we are living. This GroundUP Festival incarnation will likely not ever happen again, and though you won't be able to be there in person, we warmly welcome you all to join us.

Virtual GroundUP Music Festival Prats will take place in Prats, a tiny village of 450 people in rural Catalonia, northeastern Spain (where Michael League lives), originally founded around 3,000 years ago by ancient Iberians.

Featuring 10 artists/groups (the vast majority from the Iberian Peninsula) performing in beautiful locations scattered throughout the town, the Festival will be closed to the general public but free for residents of the village who rarely have access and exposure to live music.  But for the first time ever, we will be streaming the GroundUP Festival in high-quality video and audio and making it available worldwide. 

In addition to musical performances and discussions/ masterclasses, we will feature an in-depth look at different elements of local culture including histories of the venues, a glance (and listen) inside the village's ancient underground tunnels, and even daily in-kitchen, step-by-step tutorials on traditional Catalan dishes with some serious and seasoned cooks (think Pasta Grannies, Catalan-style). In this way, we are confident that we can represent the rich musical diversity, history, and culture of this incredible part of the world while creating a safe and enriching experience for the people of this tiny, beautiful village.

It's with great pleasure that we present to you the lineup of the Virtual GroundUP Music Festival Prats.  Grab your tickets and your favorite seat in the house and join us!